Dom Jolly blasts 'selfish' Gillian McKeith saying she didn’t help herself

Dom Jolly

Former I'm A Celebrity contestant Dom Jolly has blasted his old campmate Gillian McKeith for being selfish and refusing to help herself. Talking to The Independent newspaper after his stay in the jungle, the comedian also praised Stacey Solomon saying the public got it right by voting for her to win the show.

Dom, who entered the jungle 3 days after the original celebs, said: “Everybody was quite open and friendly, and I was quickly filled in about the ‘Gillian situation’. It turned out that Dr. Gillian McKeith – a woman famous for analysing people’s stools on television and not being a doctor- was afraid of everything."

He joked: “The public had smelt fear and, like a bloodthirsty crowd at the Coliseum, was baying for blood."

“Gillian didn’t help herself. She had a medical excuse for everything and behaved very selfishly around the camp. My favourite fact about her was that her husband had been unable to join her poor children in Australia… because he had a phobia of flying.”

Dom had only good words to say about Queen of the jungle Stacey Solomon, explaining: “The first person I saw when I entered it was Gillian McKeith, who stared at me with sullen, hostile eyes. Others were more friendly – I recognised Stacy Solomon, the sweet girl from ‘The X Factor’, and adored her straight away. She was very welcoming and made me feel at home.

“As usual, the public got it right. From the moment I met her I was sure Stacey Solomon was the winner. She was truly a freak of nature – a lovely, funny, gifted person who managed to dissolve all my inner cynicism within seconds.”

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