Louis Walsh blasts Bruce Forsyth saying he's too old to be on TV!

Bruce Forsyth

The X Factor 2010 judge Louis Walsh today continued this war of words with Bruce Forsyth, host of the BBC's rival reality show to The X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing. 82-year-old Bruce Forsyth had previously questioned why Louis Walsh was on The X Factor panel, something the Irish music manager has hit back at!

Bruce originally told the Daily Mail: "Louis Walsh said I should be dead. He said in print that I should be dead by now."

"Can you believe that from a jumped-up karaoke judge?"

However according to Ireland's RTE, Louis Walsh reportedly hit back at Bruce's remarks today with: "Bruce should just retire. His comments are the sign of old age. He's too old to be on TV."

Louis added: "He should just bow out gracefully now at the top of his game and go home to sit on his sofa and drink Horlicks."

Both The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing continue this weekend.