Shaun Ryder: I wanted to rip Gillian's head off and set her on fire

Shaun Ryder

Former Happy Mondays front man Shaun Ryder today admitted feeling like wanting to kill Gillian McKeith and burying her in the jungle! The singer made no secret of his annoyance with the TV dietician, who wound up both the viewers and the celebrities by either refusing to take part or simply failing in Bushtucker trials.

Chatting to The Sun after finishing the reality show in second place on Saturday night, Shaun said of Gillian: "I cracked after days of somebody being too self-important. She was banging at my head."

He added: "I wanted to rip her head off, set her on fire and bury her in the f***ing jungle."

Recalling the pair having to work together in one task to find keys in a pool of water, Shaun ranted: "I don't like cold water and she doesn't like bugs. But she didn't care about what the other person was going through. She wouldn't go in the pool.

"I thought about getting her head under the water and not letting go."

However it wasn't all negative comments from Shaun, he was quick to add: "Gllian's saving grace is her sense of humour. Without that she would be f****d and her own husband would murder her. Gillian was 'me, me, me' all the time."

But he went on: "That woman deserves a Bafta, an Oscar, a theatre award - the lot. Why didn't she walk if she was that frightened? Why didn't she f*** off?"

Despite his comments, Shaun did admit he still liked the TV presenter, saying: "I don't hate her, I like her. But I don't think we'll have her round the house."

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