Strictly Come Dancing semi-final to feature first ever Swing-A-Thon!

Strictly Come Dancing

This year's Strictly Come Dancing semi-final will feature the show's first ever 'Swing-A-Thon', it has been revealed. In the three day semi-final, which starts next Friday at 9PM on BBC One, all of the remaining couples will all take part a Swing-A-Thon with the scores being added to the public votes.

On the Friday, the couples will first perform one dance which will be marked by the judges as normal. However in a twist the couples will then return to the dancefloor for a Swing-A-Thon, dancing competiviely against one another. The judges will confer and Head Judge Len Goodman will eliminate one couple at a time.

When a couple is eliminated they will leave the floor but the remaining couples will keep dancing until only one couple is left. The first to be eliminated will score 1, the second couple eliminated will score 2, the third couple 3, and the fourth couple eliminated score 4. The last couple still dancing will receive the maximum score of 5. These scores will then be added to that night's leader board and carried over to Saturday night's show.

If the judges cannot agree the order the couples are eliminated then Head Judge Len will have the final say.

A production source said: "The idea behind this is to give our couples a chance to gain some extra marks, by directly competing against each other on the dance floor.

"The Swing-A-Thon is the ultimate test of style and stamina for our celebrities!"

The couples will then dance again on Saturday December 11th from 6PM on BBC One, with the judges' scores from the two shows being combined to give the overall leaderboard. As always, the public will then have their say and the couple who come bottom when the public votes are combined with the judges' overall scores will leave the comeptition on Sunday at 7PM on BBC One.