Love Island: 5 reasons why we can't wait to see it back this summer

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Take it for what it is, ITV2's revamped Love Island isn't all that bad.

Yes it's trashy, often at times all too ridiculous for words but then it's never tried to hide away from the fact it's just a fun reality show that really doesn't shy away from taking the piss out of itself.

It's certainly not pretending to be some kind of serious social experiment like other shows do. *cough*.

And here's why we can't wait for it to come back for another summer this year.

The tasks

Where do we start here? In the first two series alone, we've seen the Islanders riding bulls, making penis sculptures, training dogs, getting married, 'playing' tennis and, our favourite, having babies.


The rows and bitching

Every reality TV show needs a big bust up every now and then and Love Island has yet to disappoint with bitching, backstabbing, arguments and revenge all rolled into its summer stint. Props go to Kady and her outbursts providing many highlights in last year's series.


Those trouble causing twists

Big Brother remains the master of the twist but Love Island had some pretty good ones that certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons.


All the relationship drama

Of course the whole point of Love Island is seeing various relationships played out every step of the way as they happen and that includes the bad and the ugly as well as the good. Frankly, the good tends to be boring.



More tactics and plotting went into Love Island's recoupling last summer than most of Big Brother's nominations over the past decade. Who knew picking a hot guy or girl could become so tense?


Love Island will return to ITV2 soon for its third series.

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