"There were times when I wanted to walk," confesses Linford Christie

Linford Christie

Former I'm A Celebrity contestant Linford Christie has confessed that the jungle was tough - saying there were times he wanted to leave the show. Chatting about his experience in the Aussie bush to DigitalSpy, Linford also accused Gillian Mckeith of being fake during her 'faints'.

"There were definitely times when I wanted to walk," the former Olympic sprinter said. "You realise your loved ones are in Australia and you want to see them. There are also times when you're hungry and it's tough.

"You're used to having the luxury of opening your fridge and having whatever food you want. You can turn on your TV and watch whatever shows you want to watch - but you can't do any of that in the jungle. We take a lot of things for granted in this world. Even having no seasoning on your food and having no salt is tough."

Talking about TV dietician Gillian's antics, Linford explained: "I think there were times when she was genuine and there were times when she was faking it in the jungle. I couldn't tell when she was being real or fake, though. I couldn't understand how someone can be unafraid of a fly but extremely scared of an ant."

However the sportsman was quick to show sympathy, adding: "She had a genuine phobia. I really wanted her to overcome it."

Linford Christie spent 17 days in the jungle, leaving the show in seventh place when he left on Tuesday night. Asked about his future plans, all Christie would rule out was an appearance on Strictly Come Dancing. "I've got two left feet. You won’t see me on there. Sorry," he joked.

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