Ann Widdecombe: Dancing in Strictly takes a sense of humour, not guts

Ann Widdecombe

Ann Widdecombe has said that dancing in Strictly Come Dancing only required a sense humour - not guts. Speaking to DigitalSpy after making her way through yet another results show on Sunday, the former conservative MP said both and her Anton have the sense of humour the programme requires.

Ann said: "It doesn’t take guts to appear on Strictly Come Dancing at all. It just takes a sense of humour, that’s all. And Anton has got one. If I was with someone who didn’t have a sense of humour, it would have gone terribly.

“We’d have gone in week one, because we simply wouldn’t have got on. I’ve got a sense of humour and he’s got a sense of humour. It was pairing genius on the part of the BBC. I didn’t think I’d get him because he’s a foot taller than me, but that’s part of the humour.”

The novelty act also revealed her partner Anton has been making extravagant plans for the final should the pair make it. "Anton has for some time been putting together plans for our showdance if we happen to reach the final," she said. "I don’t think I’m giving too much away if I say that I shall fly.

“But, nevertheless, I must stress that there are still four more eliminations between now and then.”

Strictly Come Dancing continues this Saturday and Sunday on BBC One.