Lembit Opik defends Gillian McKeith, saying she didn't fake her faints

Lembit Opik

Former MP and jungle star Lembit Opik has defended Gillian McKeith, saying the TV presenter didn't fake her faints during the trials on the jungle-based reality TV series I'm A Celebrity. Chatting on ITV1's Daybreak breakfast show, Lembit declared Gillian, who caused controversy with her collapses, as innocent.

Lembit explained: "I actually cross questioned her this afternoon as I have been quite a defender of hers and I'll tell you now live on British television that I think Gillian McKeith is innocent and she wasn't faking it."

The ex-Lib Dem, who became the second contestant to be eliminated from the show last Friday, added: "Gillian has had an incredible journey, she has phobia about insects and small spaces and basically everything that this show is about. But she has tried to conquer it and she’s been a real star, respect to her.”

Lembit also took the opportunity whilst on the show to ask for job offers! He explained: "I had thinking time and that’s what I needed between what I did before in parliament and whatever I do next.

"No reasonable job offer refused! If anyone is looking for someone who can keep a camp in good order, I’m looking for work - give me a break!"

I'm A Celebrity continues every night this week on ITV1.