Britt Ekland becomes the next celebrity to be axed from the jungle

Britt Ekland

Britt Ekland has become the fourth contestant to be voted out of I’m A Celebrity. Britt faced the public along alongside all of her fellow campmates this morning and was the second contestant to be eliminated in today's show, following Alison Hammond losing out to Kayla Collins in a special bushtucker trial.

Introducing herself as "the dirtiest woman in the world", Britt told Ant and Dec after her exit she was feeling good to be out and looking forward to having a shower.

Asked about how tough the experience was, Britt explained: "On a scale of 1 to 10 it was 10, I have done tough things but it was so, so hot! We lived on rice and beans and ,can you say this on TV? - You get really bunged up!"

Ant and Dec then questioned the former bond girl about her somewhat controlling attitude in camp." "When so many people share a space and one toilet, if you're not organised it's not going to work," Britt explained. "I decided to take on that role. I'm Swedish so I'm practical. It was an experience."

Britt continued: "I'll tell you what I've learned, I learned to chew and eat very slowly. I also think I will never ever have a meal as good as the one I had cooked by Linford. It was just so special and beautiful."

Britt added that she felt part of the group, saying you "couldn't cope" in the jungle without everyone else's support.

On about Gillian Keith's fainting during her tasks, Britt said: "I thought it was a good piece of acting." Asked by Ant and Dec whether she thought Gillian was faking her collapses, Britt explained: "I don't think fake is a good word, but I think she picked her moment. I think she wanted to be in for whatever her reason is but she didn’t want to do anything or get involved."

Finally asked for her winner, Britt said it was between Stacey and Linford.

I'm A Celebrity continues tomorrow night as another contestant is eliminated.