Alison Hammond latest celebrity to be eliminated from the jungle

Alison Hammond

Alison Hammond has become the latest celebrity to be sent packing from the jungle after they lost a special bushtucker trial against Kayla Collins. It was revealed yesterday how Kayla and Alison had received the fewest votes in last night's public vote, meaning they would be taking part in the challenge which the loser being eliminated from the show immediately.

Before the task began, Dom Jolly tipped Alison for success. "Alison will be back, she's made of sterner stuff," he said, adding later in the Bush telegraph: "Kayla, if I'm brutally honest, is a little dull."

The task was called The Dentalist and required each of the celebs to hold jungle critters in their mouths for 20 seconds. For every one of the critters they managed to grasp between their lips, the celebs won a point and food for camp. The contestant with the most points after 5 critters would win the trial.

The first of the bugs the pair had to cope with were grasshoppers, with both Alison and Kayla managing to keep the creepy crawlies in their mouths for the 20 seconds winning a point each

Next the pair had to tackle Giant Borrowing cockroaches, Alison immediately passed on the giant bugs, however Kayla managed to last the 20 seconds after finally managing to keep the grasp gross creature in her mouth. This saw Kayla take a 2-1 lead over Alison.

The duo then both successfully kept a water spider and yabby in their mouth to bring the score to 4-3 ahead of the final.

The fifth and final critter was a stick instinct, which Alison managed to keep in her mouth but Kayla spat out after 10 seconds, resulting in a draw.

For a tie break, the pair had to down a glass of jungle mouthwash however as both refused the result went back to the earlier public vote.

Receiving the fewest votes, Alison became the third celebrity to be eliminated from the jungle.


Speaking after her exit to Ant and Dec, Alison said that the process was fair and added: "I had a great time, I was happy, thank you for letting me come along!"

Alison continued: "I know it's such a cliche, but it really is tough. You can enjoy it if the people are nice which they kinda are, but the days drag out so much."Talking about her rather cold welcome when she entered the jungle late, Alison revealed: "I felt the vibe, maybe I need to tone it down a bit, they were so unwelcoming it was unbelieveable. I really did tone it down though and I think it worked out."

She added: "It was great experience I'm glad I did it."

Asked by Ant and Dec who she wanted to win, Alison backed the "really lovely" Jenny Eclair.

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