Lembit Opik and Shaun Ryder bitten by pythons during immunity task

Lembit Opik

I'm A Celebrity stars Lembit Opik and Shaun Ryder were badly bitten by Tree pythons on last night's I'm A Celebrity immunity challenge. The task saw the pair, along with Stacey Solomon, Dom Jolly, Gillian McKeith and Sheryl Gascoigne, battle it out in solitary confinement to save themselves from elimination.

They were all locked up and had to battle out of their cells by finding 20 keys in gruel and 'Hell Holes' inside their cells.

The task had to be abandoned however when the snakes drew blood from the hands of Lembit and Shaun as they attempted to retrieve the keys. A show insider revealed: "Tree pythons have a good bite on them but do not carry poison. Shaun went first and the snake wrapped itself around his hand and took a really good bite, holding on for ages. Shaun was great - he looked really shocked and started swearing at the snake that he would bash it. Then medics were called."

Talking about the task, Shaun said afterwards: "Alright. It's a bite, a snake bite. If that weren't someone's animal I would have f**king smashed it! It was like sticking your hand through a sheet of glass and it wouldn't let go."

Medics were on hand to treat the pair, who later continued the task with rhino beetles in the hell holes.

Lembit eventually won the task, giving him immunity from last night's first elimination which saw Sheryl Gascoigne become the first celebrity to leave the show.

Speaking after the task, Dom Joly said: "I lost to Lembit, can you imagine losing to Lembit Opik? I mean, I could stand for parliament tomorrow as the candidate for the Bogeys for Mental Reform for Penguins Party and I'd probably beat Lembit to parliament."