Gillian McKeith's daughter demands her mum to leave I'm A Celebrity!

Gillian McKeith

It's not only the public wanting her out, Gillian McKeith's own daughter today demanded that her mum leave the show immediately - over worries about the 51-year-old's health. Speaking to The Sun, 16-year-old Skylar McKeith-Magaziner said she scared for her mum.

Yesterday Gillian claimed to show bosses that she pregnant, an outburst which followed numerous faints and collapses during trials.

Skylar told the paper: "It's not nice to see her like this. I know she'd never quit the show but now she can be evicted and I can get to see her and make sure she's safe.

"It's been upsetting seeing her faint and scream. She didn't fake the faint - she was visibly shaking."

Speaking about Gillian's pregnancy claim, Skylar would only say: "I heard about it. You'll have to ask her when she comes out."

I'm A Celebrity continues on ITV1 tonight at 9PM when another celeb will be voted out of the jungle!