Shaun Ryder and Alison Hammond clash in a jungle argument

Shaun Ryder

Former Happy Monday's frontman Shaun Ryder and Big Brother star turned presenter Alison Hammond clashed in the jungle last night following Alison's comments Lembit Opik. The argument started, as they often do, over pretty much nothing - with Jenny Eclair mentioning how Lembit had stopped doing his camp chores.

Jenny suggested to the camp that Lembit had stopped as he wanted people to give him compliments on his hardwork, however when Alison spoke to Lembit about the situation Shaun snapped: "Usually we're locked up. How can we do it if we’re locked up? What you're saying is crap."

Lembit said: "I used my yardtime yesterday to do as many of the tasks as I could and I didn't mind at all but..."

"You obviously did. You're mentioning it now," Alison interrupted.

Shaun replied: "We're locked up so when we can't get out to go to do it, what do we do then? Why should we go out there and clean their s**t and empty it? Do you know what I mean? But don't expect it and don't expect it from him. He's not a f**king gimp."

Shaun later confessed in the Bush telegraph: "It's really not on. I knew sooner or later I'd end up having it out with her so she's just a bit of a mouthy bird."

While Alison said of Shaun: "He just sucks the life out of everything".