Christopher Biggins blasts "obnoxious and vindictive" Gillian McKeith

Gillian McKeith

I'm A Celebrity 2007 winner and panto star Christopher Biggins has blasted current jungle celeb Gillian McKeith, branding her obnoxious, selfish and vindictive. Talking to The Sun today, Biggins told the paper she should leave the jungle right now as she was ruining the show.

The former jungle king declared: "She's the worst contestant - ever," explaining: "She must be the most obnoxious, selfish, vindictive woman I've ever had the misfortune to watch on TV. She's ruining the programme.

"She refuses to do anything, and if she cannot do it she should get out. She has a huge ego and probably thinks she's being picked for the tasks because she's so popular, the poor, deluded woman. My advice to her would be to try harder and be kinder. But there is no way back for her now."

The 61-year-old revealed he wasn't surprised when Nigel Havers quit the show, explaining: "I think poor Nigel believed he was going to spend the time having interesting conversation with a dozen intellectuals. It's not like that."