Stacey Solomon in tears following argument with Gillian McKeith

Stacey Solomon

Stacey Solomon was reduced to tears in the camp last night following a fiery argument with Gillian McKeith in the I'm A Celebrity jungle. Stacey confronted Gillian on why she continued on with the show, despite clearly being scared and afraid of every aspect of the programme.

Stacey told the TV dietician: "You are on telly and you are fainting, you're fainting in front of your children, no amount of money is worth that."

Gillian replied: "I have a television career and if I walk out on my contract I will not work in television again. That's the way it works."

Alison Hammond joined in the discussion, adding: "That's not true Gillian, after what you've been through you'll work for the rest of your life, I'm telling you now."

Gillian defended her presence on the show before hitting out at Stacey: "You're the classic person who doesn't understand what a fear is versus a phobia.

"You don't understand phobia, it's like taking a person who can't swim and throwing them in ten feet of water and saying, 'Off you go, see if you can swim'."

Stacey however stood her ground, saying: "No, because that's a chance of death. Honestly Gill, if your phobia is that intense and that bad and you're having to get up and deal with it every day. It's hard for us to hear it as well."

The argument quickly escalated, with Gillian telling Stacey to "Go back over there" before the X Factor star broke down in tears. She told Linford Christie: "[The argument was] my fault, I shouldn't say anything, it's none of my business, I don't understand."

But Linford supported the singer, saying: "No you have a right, she's not sick. You're an honest person so you told her, don't let it upset you."