Shaun Ryder's constant swearing sees him getting cut out of the show

Shaun Ryder

Happy Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder is said to be getting cut out of the show due to the ridiculous amount of times he is swears, according to reports. The Sun claim that producers are being forced to cut hours of footage of the actor because of the repetitive expletives it contains.

An insider told the newspaper: "A lot of the bosses are complaining. It's getting beyond a joke now. He's saying f*** nearly every second word.

"It's even worse than when Johnny Rotten was on the show. The bleep button's getting worked like never before."

Friends of the star fear it could see Shaun lose out on public support, with one saying: "Shaun comes across really well on screen, but he could end up getting less airtime."

Meanwhile it's not only his swearing causing problems, Gillian last night complained about the actor's snoring. She moaned: "My whole bed was vibrating. I finally had to wake him to see if he could turn on his side. He wasn't very happy."