Nigel Havers quits the I'm A Celebrity jungle after a week in the bush

Nigel Havers

Nigel Havers has quit the I'm A Celebrity jungle, it has been confirmed this morning. The Chariots Of Fire actor, who was last night seen debating whether or not to continue with the programme, decided to pack up his things and walk out of camp earlier this morning, ITV has stated.

An insider told The Sun: "Nigel just said he'd had enough and it wasn't what he thought it would be like.

"He said he was fed up with the inane chatter from some of the others and just wanted to go home."

Nigel had told the Bush Telegraph on last night's episode: "I cannot waste another second of my life in here. It's becoming endless. Every day is like a year. I can't talk any small talk anymore. I just can't do any more of it. I'm up to here with the inane constant conversation."

Nigel's exit will be shown on tonight's show.