Lembit Opik and Sheryl Gascoigne first to be sent to the jungle jail

Lembit Opik

Former MP Lembit Opik and ex-WAG Sheryl Gascoigne found themselves becoming the first inmates in the jungle jail last night. In a new twist to the show, the pair became the first two celebrities to serve time behind bars in the Aussie bush after failing the latest wacky I'm A Celebrity challenge.

All the celebrities took part in a Kangaroo Court task, where they had to hit a buzzer as soon as they saw a joey pops out of a kangaroo’s pouch. By pressing their buzzers last, Lembit and Sheryl were sent to jail.

As we revealed yesterday, four more celebrities will be sent down over the next two days. The 6 inmates of the jungle jail will then be given another challenge for the chance for one of them to win immunity. As for the other 5, they will be facing the first elimination of the series later this week!

I'm A Celebrity continues tonight at 9PM on ITV1.