Big Brother 2017: Five things we want to see this year

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Big Brother bursts back onto our screens very soon and here are five changes we'd love to see for the new series.

Although we're not exactly getting our hopes up.


Normal folk

It's about time Big Brother got back to offering us up some (relatively) every day people as housemates. We don't need the Z-list wannabes who already have agents that have appeared on the series in recent years to make for an interesting show.

bb punishments

Actual Punishments

We're calling on Big Brother to get harsh on the housemates with actual punishments for rule breaking. At the extreme, kick people out. But at least do more than turning the hot water off. Nomination rule breaks in particular should see at the very least a ban from nominating.

Non-trivial tasks

It seems that tasks in the Big Brother house nowadays, especially in the celebrity series, are getting shorter, easier and completely trivial. After 15 years it's perhaps not too surprising that a lot has been done but some tasks from recently shows have just been plain lazy. We want a return to the tasks that lasted days (AND nights!)

Frickin' Live Feed

This one really does go without saying: Let's bring back Live Feed. At this stage we're not even going to ask for the 24/7 multiple internet feeds available in other countries, we'll settle for just some afternoon to early morning streaming on a side channel.

Some new twists

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014
We can already predict that this year will probably see some form of 'shocking face to face nominations!' and no doubt a 'secret house next door' that nobody (apart from everybody) knows about. Let's try something new this year, please?


What changes do you hope Big Brother brings this summer? Tell us in the comments below!

BBUK is expected to launch on Channel 5 in June.

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