Britt Ekland tells all to the I'm A Celebrity campers about her wild past

Britt Ekland

The Wicker Man actress and socialite Britt Ekland has revealed all to her fellow I'm A Celebrity... campers about her wild past. Chatting in camp last night, the former bond girl spilled the beans as she recalled her relationships with screen stars George Hamilton and the late Peter Sellers.

Britt said: "Maybe [at] 34, 35 I went wild, that was my childhood. I went clubbing and parties. I had my choice of males and I did. I was married when I was 21."

Talking about how Peter Sellers proposed, Britt explained: "He proposed while I was in New York, and then when I came back he was going to give me the engagement ring. He didn’t want to do it [simply] so he drove me into a cleaning cupboard. In the dark he pulled out the ring and put it on my finger."

And on George Hamilton Britt said: "We were very much in love, planning our future. We only [just] met and had the most fantastic affair on the French Riviera."

Dom Jolly meanwhile revealed in the Bush Telegraph that Britt wasn't anything like he had expected. "I thought, 'Britt Ekland, is that going to be good? Probably not. Shagged Rod Stewart. Never a good sign is it? What am I going to say to Rod Stewart’s next blonde?'

"I love her, she’s amazing, she’s really smart which I didn’t expect. I don’t know why, it's just me stereotyping. She’s really smart and she’s interesting and for God’s sake, she’s in The Wicker Man. It’s incredible."

I'm A Celebrity continues tonight at 9PM on ITV1 after The X Factor.