Angry Dom Joly blasts Gillian McKeith saying she should "f*** off"

Dom Jolly

Angry comedian Dom Joly blasted Gillian McKeith on last night's I'm A Celebrity after she failed to feed camp yet again. Gillian managed to get 5 of a possible 13 stars in her latest Bushtucker trial, which saw the TV presenter join forces with ex-WAG Sheryl Gascoigne in 'Calamity Cave'.

The task saw Gillian blindfolded and forced to hunt for stars as Sheryl shouted out directions and instructions from the sideline. Before the task had even begun, Gillian was apprehensive, saying: "I'm not sure I can be here much longer. I can't handle this. I'm in a nightmare, a recurring nightmare."

Comic Dom Joly raged: "I can't warm to Gillian. She's starving everyone by failing tasks. I have no idea what she's doing here.

"What is she getting out of this? She needs to f*** off!"

He confessed: "I don’t have a huge amount of faith in Gillian. She seemed to have turned a bit of a corner yesterday. There is just slightly less of a look of complete insanity in her eyes. And then she’s off again."

I'm A Celebrity continues tonight at 9PM on ITV1.