Stars of 'The Only Way Is Essex' demand payment for new series


The cast of ITV2's surprise hit 'The Only Way Is Essex' have reportedly demanded payment for the new series and Christmas special. None of the characters who appeared in the first run of the show, which aired on the channel over the past two months, were paid anything for their time.

Instead the likes of Amy Childs and Mark Wright signed up to take part completely for free. However with ratings riding high the stars have had a change of heart. A source told The Mirror: "All the cast want to be in the next want to cast the next be in series, but now they've got a bit of notoriety to their names they want to be paid a wage. The people who are in it the most donate a lot of time for filming.

"Mark and Amy are the most vocal about deserving a pay packet. It takes ages to shoot an episode - each scene takes a couple of hours and it all adds up to a full-time job."

The source went on: "They think this should be recognised. Word is that the cast was banned from doing PAs or having a full-time job during the show, so it also hindered their money-making outside of the show, too.

"It was obviously great exposure for them all, but now they feel like they need to start charging for their time."

ITV2 has yet to confirm whether a second series of the show will air.

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