Medic Bob removes a deadly venomous snake found in Camp Bruce


Both Camp Bruce and Camp Sheila were beginning to find the realities of living in the jungle a little close for comfort. The boys found a snake in their camp, which later was identified as a fully grown small eyed snake, a venomous snake which can result in muscle paralysis if bitten.

A ranger came and removed the snake from the camp but its appearance left the celebrities shaken. Linford said “It was a bit scary. I panicked a bit”

Lembit added “It’s not pretend. We’re really sleeping in the jungle. This place that we’re living in is real.”

Medic Bob later revealed: "The killer creature in question is a small-eyed snake, which is a from the same family as the brown, Taipan, cobra and mamba.

"One bite from this fella and its mytoxic venom begins to destroy the muscles in your body, which can be deadly."

Meanwhile in Camp Sheila, it wasn’t just Gillian who was terrified of bugs. The girls were woken by Kayla’s screams as a large bug landed on her sleeping bag. “I screamed so loudly maybe the boys’ camp heard me.”