Aggro and Shaun, Stacey and Kayla take part in first celebrity chest!

Shaun Ryder

Aggro and Shaun, Stacey and Kayla prepared to face the first celebrity chest of the series last night. Arriving at the location they were faced with an assault course which would see one member of their team completing before finally perching on a revolving lily pad whilst their campmate fires spawn into their frog mouth.

The first celebrity to transport enough spawn across the swamp to reach the marked line in their container would win the key.

Shaun was more than happy for Aggro to complete the assault course, he said: “Aggy’s 22 (years old), I’m 48 (years old) so he can go and jump over logs and I can pump goo.”

Whilst for Camp Shelia, Stacey’s ‘have-a-go hero approach showed no signs of letting up as she nominated herself to tackle the tricky course.

Aggro saw this has opportunity to get even after the X Factor finalist beat him in the Bush Tucker Trial. He said: “Second time I’ve been against Stacey. She totally battered me when it came to eating the kangaroo p*nis. So I already had it in my head, you know what, I need to win this.”

The boys successfully won the challenge and a competitive Aggro admitted it “meant something special” as he got the chance to beat Stacey.

Back in Camp Bruce, the boys successfully answered the question, that men lie more than women and won marshmallows for the camp.

But over in the Camp Shelia a tearful Kayla was feeling guilty for covering Stacey in ‘frog spawn’. As the girls rallied around and helped Stacey clean her dirty clothes, the X Factor finalist joked, “I hope the boys get the question wrong!”