Get Your Act Together faces axe after one series

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Get Your Act Together is set to be axed by ITV in one of the year's least surprising news stories.

The new ITV reality celebrity talent show sees stars learning brand new skills from circus tricks like plate spinning and fire eating to magic and impressions.

Host Stephen Mulhern admitted the reaction to the series "hasn't been wholly positive."

He told DigitalSpy recently: "And do you know what, if you don't try something new, then it's going to always be the same old, same old.

"Has it had the reaction I wanted? No, but what do you do?"

The series had replaced Dancing On Ice but has seen less than 2 million viewers tuning in on Sunday nights.

A source told the Daily Star on Sunday newspaper today: Bosses had hoped Get Your Act Together would challenge Britain’s Got Talent in the ratings.

"Execs were really optimistic it would become a long-running show like Dancing On Ice but unfortunately viewers haven’t bought into it.

“The main problem is it is so expensive to make."

Stephen suggested that the time slot wasn't helping the show and reckoned it could be worth a second series.

"I think if they protected it and gave it an earlier time slot then yes," he said, discussing a possible renewal. "And would I do it again? Absolutely. 100%."

Get Your Act Together continues tonight on ITV with celebs including Claire Richards.

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