Channel 4 to air Coronation Street Come Dine With Me special

Coronation Street

Channel 4 has revealed it plans to air a special Come Dine With Me episode to celebrate Coronation Street's 50th anniversary. The episode, which will air on the channel in December, will see four former cast members reunite as they each compete to win a £1,000 cash prize for charity.

Tupele Dorgu (Kelly Crabtree), Julie Goodyear (Bet Lynch), Ken Morley (Reg Holdsworth) and Philip Middlemiss (Des Barnes) will feature in the special 'Celebrity' edition of the show.

The episode will see tension between the competitors after Kens vulgar sense of humour fails to impress his dinner guests - in particular Tupele Dorgu. Things only go from bad to worse when Morley arrives in character as an annoying American preacher on the second night, seeing him told off by actress!

Meanwhile Julie Goodyear spices things up by having half naked "slave" - called Dave - serving her guests!

Watch it all on December 5 only on Channel 4.

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