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Channel 5's new reality series 10,000 BC begins tonight with its opening episode.

This ground breaking social experiment features twenty modern day Brits who leave the 21st Century to go back to the Stone Age: Their mission is to survive two months in the wilderness by hunting and foraging for food.

As they come face to face with hunger, sickness and extreme weather, this series gives a unique insight into the origins of our human existence and explores what it takes to survive the Stone Age. Out of the twenty who started, who will make it to the end?

In this evening's first episode, The tribe is dropped into a forested wilderness in a remote area of Bulgaria.

Waiting for them is Klint, an archaeologist and survival expert. He will help them swap their iPhones and modern clothes for animal skins and introduce them to their new home; a Mesolithic style camp supplied with some basic tools, rations and a pile of flint.

To get them started they’re given a freshly killed deer, but for vegetarian Josie it’s a sudden reality check.

With only hours before nightfall, the tribe have to preserve as much food as possible, dig latrines and make fire.

Hours later, the fire still isn’t lit and with raw meat ready to be cooked, their first night looks likely to be a very cold and hungry one.

Next morning the tribe awake to discover fly larvae all over the meat and maggots writhing in animal hides and swiftly elect archer Steve as leader.

Within 24 hours the eldest of the tribe, Caroline suffers from suspected heat exhaustion and Perry struggles emotionally. After two days Klint leaves the tribe to fend for themselves.

10,000 BC, tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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