Get Your Act Together: New ITV celebrity talent show to replace Dancing On Ice

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It seems that ITV have gone to desperate measures to find a replacement for Dancing On Ice next year, and have come up with Get Your Act Together.

In what seems like essentially a Celebrity version of Britain's Got Talent, celebs will show off their surprising skills before being judged by a panel of so-called experts.

It will be them who will decide whether or not each act makes the final, assuming ratings haven't dipped so low the show has been pulled off air by then.

Each celeb will be mentored before their performance by another star who is known in that field.

For example, says a source: " Sinitta learned magic as a kid so we'll bring in Paul Daniels to teach her to saw someone in half."

We might have known Sinitta would be involved somehow...

The source added to the Daily Star newspaper: "Maybe Michelle Keegan did street dance so we'll get Ashley Banjo from Diversity to sharpen up her moves."

The Daily Mirror reports that the show will begin filming later this year before airing on ITV on Sunday nights from January 2015.

Frankly, we'd rather have another series of Splash!

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