'Celebrity Benefits Street' is coming, we kid you not

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It was only a matter of time that the success of Channel 4's Benefits Streets meant a Celebrity version was on its way.

But the new show is being made for the BBC - who had originally turned down the opportunity to air the original Benefits Street - rather than Channel 4,

Tentatively titled Famous, Rich and Hungry, cameras will follow 'celebrities' as they live with families on benefits.

Made by the same company as Benefits Street, the new show will include Made In Chelsea's Jamie Laing, EastEnders actress and ex Celebrity Big Brother housemate Cheryl Fergison, former Dragon Theo Paphitis and sister of London Mayor Boris Johnson, Rachel Johnson.

A source told The Sun (paid link) newspaper today: “The emphasis is on how difficult it is to feed a family on very little money. The celebs are used to fancy restaurants and always having a decent meal when they want one.

“The show will look at how they react when faced with the prospect of going hungry or eating a tiny meal — a situation affecting many people in Britain.”

Celebs will be stripped of their wallets and purses as well as luxuries such as phones and laptops.

Instead they'll be given their share of the family's weekly benefit payment..

Rachel Johnson admitted: “Within two hours of being with Dee I’d established she was feeding three people on less than I spend on a cup of coffee a day. I couldn’t stop my tears.”

The show is expected to air next month on BBC One.

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