Who's on the Big Reunion 2014? New line up is a bit disappointing

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The Big Reunion 2014 cast has been confirmed today, and we've got to say it's a tad underwhelming.

While we never considered the rumours of the likes of S Club 7 would ever prove to be true, we did expect to see a few bigger names.

Leading the line up is girl band Eternal, although Louise Redknapp has refused to take part in the show.

The group's Vernette Bennett said: "We have a band member who doesn't want to be there. What do you do with that?"

Kelle Bryan bitched: "We never communicated. It festered into something very ugly."

There is also trio A1, who notched up a number of chart toppers between 1999 and 2002 before disappearing, and boy group Damage, who also had some success the 90s.

Next on the Big Reunion line up is 3T, who we had no idea even existed. The trio - Michael Jackson’s nephews Taj, Taryll and TJ - had a very short period of success in the mid 90s.

Girl Thing is the second girl group on the line up, made up of Jodi Albert, Anika Bostelaar, Michelle Barber, Nikki Stuart and Linzi Martin. They had even less success than 3T, with their potential hit track Pure and Simple being overshadowed after it was recorded and released by Popstar winners Hear'Say.

The sixth and final group on the second series line up is a new boyband called 5th Story.

The five piece is made up of various names you'll probably have heard of, with Pop Idol's Gareth Gates, Another Level's Dane Bowers, Adam Rickitt, Kavana and Blazing Squad's Kenzie coming together to form a reunion supergroup.

The show will air on ITV2 next month.

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