Girls Aloud could get back together (or so says Sarah Harding)

Girls Aloud

Sarah Harding has suggested that it may not all be over yet for Girls Aloud.

Despite the group all but confirming their split last month, Sarah has said a reunion (well, a second one) isn't out of the question.

Asked whether the group were now completely finished, Sarah said last week: "No, no, never say never.

"we could get back together, look at the Spice Girls."


Unfortunately her Girls Aloud pal Kimberley Walsh was a bit more honest.

She said this month: "When we first decided to come back we always knew it was going to be like six months for the ten-year anniversary."

She added: "We all knew that was what it was going to be, so…"

Of course, Kimberley said something quite different earlier this year when the girls were promoting their comeback tour.

The Strictly runner up told fans: “I just can’t see happening.

“Why would we stop doing tours or making records? It’s a joy to do. There’s no reason why we can’t keep going through our OAP years.”

We don't know what to believe 🙁

The Big Reunion 2018, here Girls Aloud come!

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