Girls Aloud split: Sarah can't wait to relax (and release a solo album!)

Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding has said she can't wait to get some early nights now that the band have split.

Speaking after the group's announcement last week, Sarah said she was happy with the past ten years.

Despite some ups and downs, she gushed: "Every moment will be a life long memory.

"On the tour, I was quite emotional, but no one has ever really seen that before. When I was on stage, I'll Stand By You was playing and I looked at the footage on screen from over the years and it made me feel really emotional. I found it hard not to get choked up."

Sarah and her former bandmates - Cheryl Cole, Nadine Coyle, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh - parted ways earlier this month after a final reunion tour across the UK and Ireland.

Now Sarah's hoping to get the chance to relax, saying: "Touring is exciting, but it can also be very tiring so I'm looking forward to lots of early nights.

"I'm very much a home girl. Living in London and being in the band is very fast-paced, so it'll be nice to just chill out."

But fans of Sarah needn't worry as her solo album will be out later this year.

Yes, there's a Sarah Harding solo album.

And Sarah thinks it will show off her inner Beyonce.

She says: "I'm like Beyonce in that I have an alter-ego on stage. On Twitter I'm called Mama Hardcore and on stage I'm Hardcore Harding.

"I've actually written a song called Altr-ego, which I might use on my solo album."

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