Girls Aloud: Nadine Coyle denies Cheryl Cole rift

Girls Aloud

Girls Aloud star Nadine Coyle has denied any rift between her and Cheryl Cole, as the pair prepare to head off on tour.

It was claimed by heat magazine that Nadine and Cheryl were popstars at war after the Girls Aloud reunion last year.

“They are two very different people who were forced upon each other in the band," said a supposed 'source'. "Cheryl has always hated the fact that Nadine has a better voice than her and is always given lead vocals but the sad truth is that clearly the better voice doesn’t matter as Cheryl’s had a string of solo hits and Nadine’s solo career has fallen flat on its face.

"Nadine is shocked at how well Cheryl has done given her ‘lack of talent’. She and Cheryl have never been friends.”

But Nadine shrugged off the reports, quipping: "Say What? Slow news day."

The Irish singer also teased details about the group's upcoming gigs, writing on Twitter this week: “Just to warn you, there is a really emotional part in the show. We all stood and cried our eyes out during it today! I still feel drained. X”

Meanwhile despite three months of Strictly, Kimberley's been finding it hard getting back into dancing!

She said on Saturday: “Just finished tour rehearsals and I have to say it’s gonna be pretty darn good! Even if I do say so myself 🙂 #tentour”

She later tweeted: “Another day done! #ouchmybodyhurts #ouchmyfeethurtevenmore #nopainnogain #tentour”

And Sarah added: “Wowsers! Long day at rehearsals, bed and an ice pack for the feet are most definitely calling!!”


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