Cheryl Cole teases Girls Aloud's "spectacular" reunion tour


Cheryl Cole has teased Girls Aloud's reunion tour, which kicks off next week.

Cheryl, Nadine, Kimberley, Sarah and Nicola will be back together later this month for a new arena concert.

The group sold out tickets to the first dates within minutes of going all sale last year, and now have some 19 gigs lined up in the space of less than four weeks, including three nights in London and Newcastle.

The girls have been in rehearsals all week, with Cheryl teasing: "I'm sure it's going to be spectacular."

Discussing her now seemingly axed solo career, Cheryl insisted: "Girls Aloud is me, it's where I come from.

"I've had ten years of success. The fans of my [solo work] are Girls Aloud fans. Some of them were 7 at the time and now they're young women. I've got a lot to give back."

Tweeting from rehearsals this week, Girls Aloud teased: "You can't mistake my Biology. Rehearsals still going strong #TenTheHitsTour"

And the fivesome joked: "Can we put @RylanClark in our suitcase and take him on tour?"


Girls Aloud's TEN tour kicks off in Newcastle on January 21.

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