Louis Walsh: 'I was scared of Girls Aloud!'

Girls Aloud

Louis Walsh has confessed to being scared of Girls Aloud when he was managing him.

Louis had mentored the girl group, formed on ITV1's Popstars: The Rivals, to win the Christmas number one spot.

But the years that followed saw the relationship break down, with the girls ultimate firing Louis in 2005.

The group claimed that Louis never contacted them and would only take the pay cheques, while Louis insists the other girls were jealous of Nadine!

He told The Guardian this month: "You want the real story? OK, I'm going to tell you. There was a girl in Ireland called Nadine Coyle, and I said, go for this show. She is an amazing vocalist. A real, real singer.

"So I pushed her in the band, and I said Nadine is the lead singer."

He confessed: "I never worked with them very well 'cos they kind of scared me, the five girls together.

"Five girls! Five girls is a bit scary.

"They were all a bit scary. Generally, girls don't like each other. That's the problem. I couldn't help them with their hair, makeup, all those things.

"And from the moment I said Nadine was the best singer, the others alienated me."

However Louis has no regrets, insisting: "Well, she is the best singer! By a mile. But she didn't marry a footballer. If she'd married a footballer she'd have been a big star."


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