N-Dubz Dappy gets own reality show: 'I’m gonna be bigger than TOWIE'


N-Dubz star Dappy has apparently been given his own reality show.

The now solo star has landed his own show on ITV2, which will last for twelve episodes.

Called The Madness of King Dappy (blimey.), the series will follow Dappy around as he releases his debut solo album, No Regrets, which is out now.

And he reckons it'll be bigger than The Only Way Is Essex.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper today: “It’s gonna be bigger and badder than TOWIE, and much better. You’re gonna see me with all my friends going crazy and get a look at the mischief I get up to."

He added: “It’s reality TV, with cameras following me around trying to maintain being a superstar. There’ll be stuff on my home life, too. Me with the kids and me getting in trouble.”

We're saying nothing.

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