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XFactor UK hits its lowest ratings in six years

The X Factor has dipped to lowest ratings in six years, with less than 8 million viewers watching Saturday night's performance episode.

X Factor 2012 ratings dip to new low for semi-finals

You'd think being the semi-finals would see more viewers tuning in to The X Factor, but fans have continued to flee the show.

Strictly Come Dancing ratings beat X Factor 2012, I'm A Celebrity

Strictly Come Dancing 2012 continues to triumph in the ratings, winning the night yesterday.

X Factor 2012 ratings slide as Strictly Come Dancing triumphs again

The exit of Ella Henderson saw The X Factor ratings back down last night, as Strictly Come Dancing once again won the night.

X Factor 2012 ratings lose out to Strictly Come Dancing again

X Factor 2012 was trounced by Strictly Come Dancing 2012 once again in last night's Saturday night TV ratings.

The X Factor 2012 faces new ratings war as more viewers tune in to I'm A Celebrity

It has already lost to Strictly Come Dancing in the ratings this year - and now The X Factor is even being beaten by its own channel, as ITV's I'm...

Strictly Come Dancing 2012 hits series high with 2 million lead over X Factor

Strictly Come Dancing 2012 ratings hit a series high last night, with a two million lead over The X Factor.

X Factor's ratings woes continue as Strictly Come Dancing's results beats it again

Strictly Come Dancing's ratings once again beat The X Factor results show last night, following the ITV1's worst live performance rating in some nine years.

Strictly slaughters The X Factor as its ratings plunge to lowest since series one

The X Factor 2012's ratings woes have continued this weekend, as rival Strictly Come Dancing increased its lead to well over 2million viewers.

The X Factor UK hits four year ratings low

The X Factor UK has been experiencing its lowest ratings for four years, it's been revealed.

Strictly Come Dancing ratings continue lead over X Factor for latest results

Strictly Come Dancing continued to lead over The X Factor last night, as both shows aired their latest results shows.

Strictly Come Dancing ratings soar as X Factor loses more viewers

The woes of X Factor bosses continued this weekend, as the show lost yet more viewers to Strictly Come Dancing.

X Factor 2012 sheds more viewers in latest results show

The X Factor 2012 lost yet more viewers last night, with the latest results show pulling in 9.3 million viewers.

X Factor loses ratings crown to Strictly Come Dancing

The X Factor has lost its ratings crown to Strictly Come Dancing, and the Beeb bosses aren't keeping quiet about it!