BBC One boss not worried about The Voice UK's falling ratings

The Voice UK

BBC One boss Danny Cohen has insisted that he's not concerned about the ratings of The Voice UK.

The show launched with over 8 million viewers in March and peaked with an audience of 10 million viewers in April, but the weekend's latest live show dipped to less than 7 million.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, the BBC controller said: "I don't get massively engaged week by week in whether we are up or down."

He explained; "The way I look at it, we have launched the most successful BBC One entertainment show in over a decade. We didn't expect such high ratings at the start - shows like X Factor started on around five million."

And he told the newspaper that he was proud of the "quality series" on the channel.

"There are always moments when the competition is strong - sometimes that helps us, sometimes it doesn't," he admitted. "But... it is a quality series and audiences are responding to it."

The Voice UK continues this Saturday night at the earlier time of 6:10PM on ITV1.

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