SYTYCD dips below 3 million as Eurovision beats Britain's Got Talent


The Eurovision song contest reached a 11-year-high telly rating on Saturday night, with an average of 9.54 million viewers tuning into the four hour marathon from 8PM. The show knocked Britain's Got Talent down to still solid 8.4 million viewers while So You Think You Can Dance fell even further.

Less than 3 million viewers watched this week's latest live show at the earlier time of 5:30PM, while 3.1 million watched the results which saw a double elimination. The penultimate episode of Sing If You Can managed to increase its audience over the week, achieving a rating of more than 4.1 million between 7PM and 8PM.

While overall Eurovision beat Britain’s Got Talent during the evening, when the two shows clashed between 8PM and 9PM the ITV1 reality series held its own and was ahead throughout.

1 million watched Stephen Mulhern on Britain's Got More Talent over on ITV2 from 9PM.


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