Ratings special: The Royal Wedding in numbers from around the world

Royal Wedding

It's what everyone seemed to be watching in the UK and indeed across the globe yesterday, but many people really watched the marriage between Prince William and Katie Middleton, now Duchess of Cambridge? Here we take a look at some of the facts and figures from the world...

In New Zealand and Australia, where the wedding aired in prime-time at around 7PM, around 6.5 million watched the marriage across a number of channels that were showing the ceremony, with an average of 1.74 million for the main event at around 8:00PM Aussie time on the Seven network.


In Europe and 4.5 million watched live on Channel 1 in Germany, with more than 5 million watching a prime time recap in the evening. In Holland and a further 2.2 million tuned in live - a whopping 76% share of everyone watching telly at the time! An impressive figure given in these countries there was no bank holiday.

Here in the UK and an average audience of 18.8 million watched the wedding throughout the day on BBC and ITV1, easily making it the most watched show of the year so far. The figures are however somewhat lacklustre compared to the hype, with shows such as The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent achieving similar numbers of viewers in recent years (without the need of a bank holiday or coverage on multiple channels!)

With such a large amount of coverage however it may be better to look at the peak audience, which was around 26 million at 11:15AM yesterday. At that time, around 19 million viewers were watching on BBC One, just under 6 million on ITV1 and a further 1 million spread across various digital channels including Sky News, Sky Living and E! Entertainment.

The audience share at the peak of the coverage was a whopping 92%, resulting many channels - including Channel 5 - recording a ZERO percentage share for their alternative programming at the same time.

The figures mean that, in the UK at least, the peak has become the most watched televised event in the UK since the funeral of Princess Diana in 1997, which achieved a peak audience of around 30 million.

Ultimately however, even with viewing figures for the USA and South America unaccounted for, the claims of 2 billion people watching are shown to be quite ridiculous.

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