Close to 7 years after it ended, Friends still brings record viewers to E4


It was the sitcom that defined a generation and still to this day, close to seven years after the final ever episode aired back in 2004, Monica, Chandler, Ross, Rachel and Joey all still bring in the viewers. Despite having been repeated on E4 for years now, classic episodes are continuing to rate highly for the digital channel.

Last night's 8PM episode, a re-run of Series 8's 'The One with the Videotape', scored an impressive average of 702,000 viewers across the half-hour. To put that figure into perspective, major broadcaster Channel 5's new episode of Emergency Bikers scored only a few more viewers with 900,000 tuning it at the same time. The almost 10-year-old episode out-rated ITV2's The Only Way Is Essex, which dipped to 539,000 viewers for its second episode last night and it easily beat Katie Price's latest show which scored just under 500,000 viewers on Tuesday evening.


What makes this feat even more impressive is that the episode has no doubt already been shown countless times over the years, and will probably be shown again in a few months time too. E4 has been both mocked and criticised for the endless repeats of the series across the year, but it's hard to argue with the ratings.

Channel 4's leading soap Hollyoaks only managed to attract 492,000 viewers for its first-look episode an hour earlier, making this repeat of Friends actually E4's most watched programme of the day.

Personally, I don't think it's not hard to see why. Years on the scripts still feel as fresh as ever, the characters still relevant and the situations more than relatable to life in the tens. I'm just disappointed the show didn't keep going.

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