Celebrity Big Brother 2015 ratings fall to lowest ever after Farrah's eviction

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Ratings for Celebrity Big Brother 2015 slumped to their lowest ever last night.

Saturday night's show following Farrah's eviction on Friday evening was the last watched episode the show has seen with 800,000 viewers, including those on Channel 5+1.

It 'beat' the previous record set by this series earlier this year when the programme dipped below the one million viewer mark for the first time in its fifteen-year history.

Saturday shows have always struggled to the point that they were axed completely for a stint when Big Brother was still on Channel 4, and the late 10:30PM time slot won't help the numbers.

The current run of CBBs has see some highs and lows in terms of viewing fgiures.

Earlier this month we told how the latest run was on course least watched ever, averaging less than 1.5 million viewers.

However the past week's episodes, following last weekend's secret room twist and leading up to Farrah's eviction, had seen numbers go up.

1.6 million tuned in to last Sunday night's show while Monday evening saw the best numbers since launch night with 1.83 million watching the drama of Jenna and Farrah's return to the main house.

Tuesday night's show saw two housemates get the boot as Fatman Scoop and Gail Porter both left, attracting an audience of 1.7 million, the most watched eviction of the series.

It's currently Day 25 in the house with the series set to conclude this Thursday night on September 24 after 29 days.

Tuesday night will see another live show as two housemates get the boot just 48 hours before the final.

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