Big Brother 2015 ratings plummet to 1.1 million viewers for second show

Big Brother

The ratings for Big Brother 2015 took quite the tumble last night, dipping to just 1.1 million viewers.

It's after Tuesday night's BBUK launch opened to its worst viewing figures EVER with an average audience of 1.8 million.

Some 500,000 viewers tuned out overnight, seemingly unimpressed with the line up of housemates, seeing ratings sink to 1.12 million viewers, climbing to only 1.19 million including Channel5+1.

The number is down some 500,000 viewers on last year's second episode, although that was another live show as a result of two-part launch.

The viewing figures were half of what rival Channel 4 managed in the 9PM hour with more than 2.2 million watching the latest episode from the men.

While the BB numbers aren't great it's still very much early days yet, however with competition from Eurovision and Britain's Got Talent to come over the next few weeks, the show has a rough road ahead to pick up viewers.

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5 with the latest episode tonight at 10PM.

The Island is also back tonight from 9PM on Channel 4 with the latest from the women's island.

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