2010 Daily Mirror Pride of Britain Awards pull in 6.3 million for ITV


An average audience of 6.3 million viewers tuned into The 2010 Daily Mirror Pride of Britain Awards on ITV1 last night, a 25% share of the television watching audience. Over on BBC One and The Apprentice pulled in an impressive 6.4 million viewers against the tough competition, however shows earlier in the evening struggled.

Nigel Slater's Simple Suppers managed just above 3 million viewers from 8:30PM while Jimmy's Food Factory achieved 3.3 million from 8PM.

Over on BBC Two, The Apprentice: You're Fired saw 2.6 million viewers tune in to watch fired candidate Alex Epstein dissect the latest task. 1 million viewers went on to watch Newsnight's analysis of the student protests in London.

On Channel 4 Grand Designs suffered with the increased competition from ITV and BBC, pulling in 1.9 million viewers compared to last week's 3 million.

In the morning, Daybreak continued to suffer with 700,000 viewers compared to BBC's Breakfasts' 1.5 million.

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