X Factor 2013 ratings are up... but ITV's Stepping Out is a flop

X Factor 2013 logo

The X Factor 2013 returned to TV last night with an audience of more than 10 million.

The first audition show of the tenth series saw a revamped format and a new judging panel, with Sharon Osbourne replacing Tulisa.

The changes did have an impact, with the launch episode being watched by an average audience of 8.8 million, up just under 10% on last year's equivalent show.

With those who caught up on ITV+1 included, the show was seen by 9.2 million viewers, with a peak audience of 10.3 million.

The new format will see the show continue tonight on ITV from 8PM and air every Saturday and Sunday right through until December's final at Wembley Arena.

But while the X Factor brought good news for ITV, its new 'Strictly' series Stepping Out was worse than Pointless, quite literally.

The format sees celebrities and their partners learning how to dance various genres, before performing for viewer votes.

However the first live show last night - hosted by Davina McCall - was beaten by BBC's Pointless quiz show.

The quiz's co-host Richard Osman bragged on Twitter: "Pointless Celebrities is so low-budget compared to everything else on Saturday nights, we always get excited when we do well. We can make an entire series of 8 for the price of 1 episode of Stepping Out. No exaggeration."

The X Factor 2013 and Stepping Out both continue next Saturday night on ITV.

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