Simon Cowell's Food Glorious Food a ratings flop

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell's X Factor style cookery show flopped in the ratings last night.

Presented by Carol Vorderman, Food Glorious Food has been promoted as a new cookery show, while most of us saw it as a rip off BBC's Masterchef and the Great British Bake Off.

However neither of the Beeb's shows need worry, with last night's opening episode of Food Glorious Food attracting just 2.6 million viewers.

Those watching on +1 brought the total up to 2.7 million, some way behind the 5+ million ratings of the British Bake Off which airs on BBC 2.

The launch show was even outrated by The Chase, with 3 million watching the tea time quiz earlier on in the evening.

Many of viewers of the first show last night panned the programme, with claims it was as manipulated as Britain's Got Talent and with more sob stories than The X Factor.

The show's core format has also been criticsed for being nonsensical too, with the competition looking for a meal to put on sale in M&S' Food stores.

However M&S don't get a say, and even their Food Developer admitted most of the products that were selected by the judges had little chance of working.

One small jelly in last night's show had more than £10 worth of alcohol alone, and would need to be sold as a restricted product alongside spirits.

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