A year on, Gamu Nhengu reflects on her X Factor story...


Gamu Nhengu became one of the most popular contestants on last year's X Factor, despite not even making the live shows, and this week she recalls her time on the show. The 19-year-old singer was involved in multiple controversies during her jounrye, from rows over AuoTune during her audition to claims of racism when Cheryl Cole didn't pick her as one of her finalists.

After wowing the judges at her audition in Glasgow and at Bootcamp, Gamu made it to the final eight girls - where Cheryl chose Cher Lloyd, Katie Wassiel, Rebecca Ferguson and Treyc Cohen to go onto the live shows.

The choice sparked 'outrage', although more controversy followed with Gamu being threatened with deportation after claims that her mother fraudulently claimed benefits

Speaking a year on to the Daily Record, Gamu explained she's glad her X Factor journey ended where it did - but insisted she didn't have any regrets about taking part in the show.

She said:"If X Factor had gone well, I'd have been more easily swayed to do other things because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do at that stage.

"I have grown up now and know exactly what I want my sound to be. If I'd gone through this with X Factor, it would probably have ended up being more diluted."

The youngster, who has gone on to write her own album, continued: "I don't regret doing the show because I learned so much from it. It's like a crash-course in what showbusiness is like."

And she recalled: "I haven't heard from Simon Cowell, or Cheryl, but I wouldn't have expected to anyway. He didn't even call me during the show and I didn't hear from him after either.

"I wasn't expecting him to come round to mine for a Sunday roast or anything, so that's fine. I'm mature about it."

Watch Gamu's performance at bootcamp below...

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