X Factor 2011's Samantha Hallam: Marriage proposal helped me get through to bootcamp

X Factor proposal

X Factor 2011 hopeful Samantha Hallam has revealed how her fiancé’s wedding proposal on the show helped her get through to the next round. Speaking to The Sun today, Samantha explained how two of the judges had originally said no after her performance of 'Sex On Fire'.

Samantha said: "Louis Walsh and Kelly Rowland both said 'Yes' immediately. But Tulisa and Gary Barlow weren't so sure – and I needed three votes to get through.

"They both said my voice was suited to singing in pubs and clubs than in a massive venue. They were brutal, but honest, and I respected their opinion."

But it was then that boyfriend Paul surprised her by walking onto the stage.


"I was getting ready to leave the stage when Louis asked if there was anything I could say to influence their final decision," Samantha recalled.

She continued: "I didn't know what he meant. Then I saw Paul walking on stage. Everyone was clapping and cheering, and then he got on one knee. I couldn't believe it.

"I just said 'What are you doing? What do you think you are doing?'. He took my hand and I started welling up. I was secretly hoping he would ask me one day, but I didn't want to rush him.

"He said, 'Sammy, I love you. Will you marry me?' I was so happy. I just said 'Yes, please' and cried my eyes out."

And it was that moment that helped secure a place at bootcamp.

She said: "They were hugging us and wishing us well, when Tulisa said, 'I'm a people person. I'm going to turn my 'No' to a 'Yes' as a wedding present'. I was in heaven."

But Gary Barlow stuck with his no decision, not that Samantha minds: "I have always been a Gary Barlow fan. He's so clever and talented. I respect his decision, and he gave me some useful feedback. Getting through to Boot Camp was a bonus. But I would still give it all up for that special moment with Paul on stage."


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