'Sex addict' Frankie Cocozza aiming to bed Kelly and Tulisa on The X Factor!

Frankie Cocozza x factor

At first we found Frankie Cocozza just a bit of a cheeky chap, but as we hear more and more from the 19-year-old, we get less and less convinced we're going to be a fan. Today the youngster claimed to have slept with nearly 100 women, and said he hoped the show would improve his "numbers".

Viewers saw on Saturday how Frankie had seven girls' names tattooed on his bum after a stint in Mali.

Kelly raved: "Can I just say, I freaking love the UK! You gotta love it here. He came on, he showed his ass, literally. You’ve got to love that."


And after his performance of Valerie, she continued: "I like you. I usually like the bad boys. Especially when they make you talk like this. It’s so United States of America. I like you, I like your whole vibe. I like the fact that you’ve got eight girl’s names tattooed on your butt. "

Speaking today, Frankie said: "I do quite well in the sack, to be honest. Malia sorted my numbers right out. It's close to triple figures and I hope X Factor pushes it over."

And he also revealed plans to try and bed X Factor judges Tulisa and Kelly: “I don’t know whether I would get Kelly or Tulisa’s name done. I suppose it depends on which one will have sex with me.”

But for all his bragging, he said he only slept with one of the girls he has tattooed on his bum: “I only slept with one of the girls. I’ll be really embarrassed if she comes out and says I was sh** in bed.”

However despite all the antics - and claiming to be a 'sex addict' - Frankie insisted he was there for the singing and ultimately hoped to land a record contract.

"I love going out with my mates but I know how important this is," he said.


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