X Factor hopeful Roxy Yarnold 'has links to Syco label'

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X Factor hopeful Roxy Yarnold, the pizza slapper from Essex who was briefly shown on Saturday's show, has links with Syco's record label, it has been claimed. According to The Mirror, Roxy has supported Simon Cowell's acts Westlife, Shayne and G4 on tour since 2007.

Louis previously said about Roxy: “She’s young, she’s pretty, she’s talented and I just think she’s got a great future.”

And Roxy previously revealed: “My manager knows Louis and she told him about me and got me on the tour. It’s been incredible."


She also said: “It really helps to have someone like Louis Walsh helping you. He is so good at setting things up, tours and so on.”

But as Roxy went through to bootcamp on Saturday night, with Tulisa telling her: “You absolutely blew me away and I would love to mentor you,” there was no mention of her previous experience.

A source told the tabloid today: “She’s portrayed as a struggling pizza waitress but in actual fact she’s been singing alongside the crop of Syco talent since an early age. She’s supported not one, but three Syco acts.”

A spokesman said: “Throughout the history of X Factor, there has been auditionees who have been involved with the music industry before.

"Nineteen-year-old Roxy was touring at the age of 14 but has been out of the industry since then. She was eligible to enter as she has no record or management deal in place.”

A source added: “She auditioned of her own accord and went through the same process as everyone else and was never invited to audition by production or contacted by Syco.”

Watch Roxy singing below...

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